Job Support Scheme (JSS) expanded from 1 November

The Government has announced an extension to the Job Support Scheme in order to protect jobs and support businesses required to close as a result of coronavirus restrictions. The full details are not yet published, but at this stage we know that:

  • It will be available for businesses forced to temporarily close by law due to local or national COVID19 restrictions.
  • The Government will pay 2/3 of employees’ wages, capped at £2100 per month.
  • Employers will not be obliged to contribute towards wages, but they will be asked to cover NIC and pension contributions.
  • It will run for 6 months from 1 November 2020, with a review point in January.
  • Employees must be furloughed for a minimum period of 7 consecutive days.
  • Cash grants to help with fixed costs for businesses required to close in local lockdowns will also be increased to a maximum of £3000 per month (the actual amount available to an individual business will depend on the rateable value of its premises).
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