Corporate Finance Director, Rhiannon Nightingale, goes under the spotlight!

What is your role within RG?

I am a Corporate Finance Director advising companies, entrepreneurs and investors on all types of transactions throughout all stages of the business lifecycle, including M&A, fundraising and the provision of business and strategic advice.

Tell me about your career to date…

I graduated from Bristol University with a First in Music and, although I really loved my degree, I decided that I wanted to pursue a different path. I was fortunate enough to join KPMG on their Audit Graduate Programme immediately following my graduation. Through KPMG I gained my chartered accountancy qualification (ACA) and shortly afterwards joined KPMG’s Corporate Finance team in Bristol working on sector agnostic, mid-market transactions.

I moved to Newcastle in 2017 with my now husband and joined KPMG’s Power & Utilities M&A team working on large scale infrastructure transactions globally.

I then joined a large business in the North East to help lead their M&A strategy: Mayborn Group (better known as Tommee Tippee to those with children). There I worked on a wide variety of acquisition opportunities from very small Mum & Dad owned businesses through to major players in the juvenile space worldwide.

I joined RG on 1 April 2020 mid-lockdown, which in itself was an interesting experience, attracted by its entrepreneurial spirit and award winning team.

My first year with the firm has been fantastic, having completed a number of notable transactions with the team, despite the difficulties being faced by all at present, and achieving promotion to Director in April 2021.

What does your current role involve?

My role is hugely varied which is actually what I enjoy most about Corporate Finance. Every day brings something different and a new challenge.

As a Director much of my role is in leading the day to day activity on our ongoing transactions and making sure that we as a team are delivering the best results possible for our client. It’s also about strategic thinking for our clients and making sure that we are doing everything we can to help them to achieve their objectives.

What makes RG different?

What attracted me most to RG was the brilliant people and the entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is led by two fantastic partners who know their craft exceptionally well and who I have already, in my short time with the firm, learned a great deal from.

We are flexible in our approach and can therefore be quick to act, always putting ourselves on the front foot for our clients. This is what underpins our value of creative thinking and is truly the case in our approach to our day to day work.

My 3 most notable achievements to date would be….

  1. I am extremely proud of my First Class Honours degree having worked very hard to achieve it. I also enjoy the fact that it was completely different to what I do now allowing me to bring a different perspective to the way that I work.
  2. In sport I have pushed myself through a number of challenges including a half marathon and triathlon but I think my greatest achievement was a 24 hour relay race which very much pushed me to my limits mentally and physically.
  3. Finally, I have been very fortunate in my opportunities outside of work and when I lived in Bristol, I played as goalkeeper for the City of Bristol Ladies Lacrosse First Team (Bristol Bombers). I picked up the sport at University having never played it at school and I played for the team through our first undefeated season.

Tell us about your day so far….

Quite varied actually. I woke up at 05:30 (I’m an early bird) and headed to the gym for a morning session before work. I’m an active gym goer, and love going in the mornings while the gym is still nice and quiet.

I started my work day at 08:00 today focusing firstly on one of our sale mandates and helping the business prepare themselves for the upcoming transaction and to understand the process from here.

Throughout the day, I’ve been working with a number of our acquisitive clients to advise them on their prospective acquisitions whilst also working with one of our clients seeking growth capital funding helping them understand and to assess offers which we have received.

At lunchtime I took a short break to walk our lovely dog, Winston, round the park. I I always find this to be a great time for me to get some headspace and take the opportunity to plan ahead for the rest of the day.

Tonight, I hope to finish my work around 6:30pm so that I can make some dinner with my husband and have an evening drink!

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Firstly I really enjoy cooking and good food. We love Indian cooking in our household having been introduced to a fantastic cookbook by one of my teammates, Connor.

I do appreciate however that good food isn’t always what’s best for you, so I do a lot of exercise and really love doing so. I like to keep my routine quite varied and enjoy weightlifting at the gym, yoga and running. Though I will be the first to admit that I’m not amazing at any of them, I try my best.

Finally, at weekends, my husband and I spend a lot of time in the Northumberland countryside with our golden retriever exploring new places and spending time in the fresh air.

And finally, leave us with one interesting fact about yourself…

I am a qualified rescue diver and I hope to dive the Farne Islands when we are able and when the waters up here are a little warmer!

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