Making Tax Digital (MTD) clinic at Hexham Auction Mart

Helen Pennock, Amanda Whitworth and Gillian Jasper held a free MTD clinic at Hexham Auction Mart on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September to explain MTD in more detail and to help ensure rural businesses not only meet their obligations, but also benefit from better and more useful financial information in the process.

The two day event was well attended and was an excellent opportunity to reiterate the MTD message to our existing clients as well as providing new contacts with information that they had not necessarily been given by their existing accountants.

During the two day event a snapshot survey was carried out. It found that 50 percent of those questioned judged their broadband speed poor, while a further 29 percent found it merely adequate.

Quick and reliable broadband is essential for many rural businesses to survive and develop as more and more every day services are transferred online.

Helen Pennock, a director at RG, said that while the gap between broadband speeds is narrowing, further investment is necessary if rural businesses are to survive and prosper.

She said: “Our snapshot survey revealed a shocking picture of just how many rural businesses in Northumberland are struggling with their broadband service.”

“Almost 80 per cent of those we questioned described their broadband service as either poor or merely adequate. This digital divide must be closed as all businesses, whether rural or urban, deserve equality in terms of a reliable and quick broadband.”

“As the impending introduction of MTD shows, fast broadband is crucial not only to allow businesses to operate on a daily basis, but to create new commercial opportunities and boost the growth of the rural economy.”


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