Trusts & Estates

We have a wealth of experience in the field of private family trusts. We currently have around 250 trust clients and regularly provide advice to settlors, trustees and beneficiaries in relation to trust tax matters. 
We also have many years of experience in providing executors with advice and support to enable them to meet the tax and reporting responsibilities in relation to the deceased’s estate. 
Many individuals may act as a trustee or executor during their lifetime. Both are positions governed by law and both carry personal liability, which is why it is essential that specialist advice is obtained. HMRC are changing their approach to both trusts and estates and penalties for non-compliance with the relevant tax regime are being brought into play. We can assist you in making all disclosures and tax payments correctly and in a timely fashion.
In addition to the compliance service we offer, we can provide advice on a wide variety of trust and estate matters. Also, as some of our team are STEP qualified, we have an overview of the interaction between trust and tax law. This is invaluable in providing a holistic service and we regularly work with firms of solicitors to ensure that our clients receive the best all round advice. If we identify a potential legal issue, we can recommend a firm of solicitors who can help.

New registration requirements for trusts came into force on 31 August 2022; for more details about these regulations and guidance on how to register a trust please click here.

If you would like to contact us about a trust or estate matter, please address your queries to one of the members of our team by clicking on their picture alongside.

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