North East: M&A Technology Sector Snapshot – Apr-21 to Jun-21

Welcome to the second edition of the North East: M&A Technology Sector Snapshot – a joint production from Ryecroft Glenton Corporate Finance and Mercia Asset Management PLC.

We publish a snapshot each quarter to provide information on national themes in the UK tech sector, as well as focusing on developments closer to home, in the North East.

The snapshot provides an insight into key industry trends, current market data, news, and an overview of recent transactions. In this issue, the deal round up covers the three months from April to June 2021.

Each quarter we shine the spotlight on a specific sub-sector within the tech industry: this quarter we are taking a closer look at the Climate Tech/ Green Tech Sector.

The UK tech market is showing no signs of slowing down with nearly 300 deals recorded between April to June this year, a significant increase on the 200

deals recorded last quarter. Software remains the most active sub-sector in terms of deal activity and London continues to predominate geographically with a 40% share of all deal activity from April to June. Of all deals approximately one third relate to an acquisition or sale.

M&A activity is expected to continue at current high levels with rising confidence in the sector, high levels of capital invested, and tax changes anticipated. Predictions for the UK tech sector are also very positive, which is likely to see increased activity from consolidators, international acquirers and private equity investors focused on, inter alia, the digital, data, ecommerce and climate tech sub sectors.

Source – MarketIQ,

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