Ryecroft Glenton trainees win their regional heat of the Kaplan Factor

Last month six trainees took part in a national competition organised by the training company Kaplan.

Named ‘The Kaplan Factor’, the competition followed a similar format to the classic gameshow The Krypton Factor, with six individual events testing intelligence, mental and physical skills. The top five teams in the country will have the opportunity to complete the original Krypton Factor assault course and the eventual winners will earn the charity of their choice £1,000. All proceeds from the competition are being donated to charity.

Points were gained across six rounds; performing the plank, answering phrase based questions, swapping balls between boxes, observation, building a tower of plastic cups and general knowledge, Each person from the team was required to take part in one event.

Ryecroft’s team “RG Bargy” beat the competition to claim first spot at the Newcastle centre and are currently placed in the top five teams nationally. With only three centres left to compete they stand a fantastic chance of being selected to complete the famous Krypton Factor assault course and win £1,000 for charity.

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