Ryecroft Glenton secures exclusive deal for OutsourcedFD clients

Ryecroft Glenton, one of the North East’s largest independent advisory firms, today announced that it has partnered with MyNonExec, the UK’s only Skype based recruitment non-executive advisory service. As part of the arrangement OutsourcedFD clients will receive a special exclusive rate. All OutsourcedFD clients will additionally receive an initial MyNonExec session for free, so they can trial the service before deciding whether to sign up.

Carl Swansbury, Corporate Finance Partner at Ryecroft Glenton, said, “We want our clients to secure the best possible outcomes for their businesses. Alex, who runs MyNonExec, is one of the UK’s leading recruitment non-executive advisors and has helped many of our clients to build their businesses in such a way as to maximise value and secure a speedy exit. The way MyNonExec works is very similar to our OutsourcedFD service and we see it as a complimentary offering.”

Alex Arnot, non-executive advisor to 25 recruitment companies, commented “Ryecroft Glenton have always been innovative in their approach and this service fits neatly with their commitment to giving their clients every support possible. I look forward to working with and helping many OutsourcedFD clients accelerate their profit, headcount and equity value.”

Companies interested in receiving a free MyNonExec session or finding out more should contact aarnot@alexarnot.com

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