On the 12 Days of Christmas RG gave to me….

Here at RG we are committed to ensuring that we are able to provide you with the best guidance about finance ‘apps’ available to assist you in improving the effectiveness of your business, as well as generating efficiencies.

This Christmas we have pulled together our TOP 12 ‘apps’, in our 12 Days of Christmas RG gave to me … ?”

On the first day of Christmas RG gave to me … RECEIPT BANK

Bookkeeping automation software;

Allows you to create specific rules, meaning it can help you save time;

Offers automatic publishing, to your Cloud accounting software, removing a step in your daily processing.

On the second day of Christmas RG gave to me … FUTRLI

A long-term cash flow forecasting tool, with an effective scenario modelling capability;

Allows you to plan and make effective business decisions.

On the third day of Christmas RG gave to me … ARTHUR

Property management software;

Allows you to connect every aspect of managing properties all in one place;

Produces excellent reports to track costs and reconcile your periodic rent collections.

On the fourth day of Christmas RG gave to me … SATAGO

A free cashflow tool that gets you paid faster, identifies risk and advances payment on overdue invoices;

Integrates fully with your accounting software.

On the fifth day of Christmas RG gave to me … FIGURED

Farm financial management software;

Giving you a real-time online tracking system for your livestock, crops and production;

Offers you the ability to budget and forecast.

On the sixth day of Christmas RG gave to me … FLOAT

Visual cash flow management and planning software;

Automatically updates your forecast with actuals, from your Cloud accounting platform;

Creates scenarios so you can see their effect on cash flow to aid effective decision making.

On the seventh day of Christmas RG gave to me … SIM PRO

Cloud-based job management software;

Helps you organise and automate your processes and maximise your profitability;

Features include stock management, scheduling and payment processing.

On the eighth day of Christmas RG gave to me … GO CARDLESS

Online payment platform for one-off payments and recurring payments;

Allows you to integrate, receive, track and reconcile payments.

On the ninth day of Christmas RG gave to me … FLUIDLY

Real-time cash flow management software;

Generates automated reminder emails for better debt collection;

On the tenth day of Christmas RG gave to me … AUTO ENTRY

Automated data entry software;

Captures, analyses and posts invoices, receipts and statements into your accounting software;

On the eleventh day of Christmas RG gave to me … HUBDOC

Puts your key financial documents in one place, automatically;

Add online supplier accounts to pull in bills direct and say goodbye to chasing documents & data entry;

On the twelfth day of Christmas RG gave to me … LEAP

Fully complete integrated solution for the legal sector, compliant with SAR rules:

Includes automated document production, time recording, billing and legal and client accounting.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the above, please do contact our Cloud & Outsourcing team on 0191 281 1292.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas from all of us.

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