The Future Farming Resilience Fund – an update from Ryecroft Glenton’s Agricultural and Landed Estates Team

Exiting the EU has allowed our Government to step away from the Common Agricultural Policy and to set out their vision for a seven-year agricultural transition to a new support system, rewarding farmers and land managers for sustainable farming practices.

Recognising that this is the most significant change to farming and land management in 50 years, the Government established The Future Farming Resilience Fund and committed to helping farmers and land managers to:

  • Understand the changes that are happening;
  • Identify how, what and when they may need to adapt their business models; and
  • Access tailored support to adapt.

The Government has now provided funding of £10million to organisations that can deliver the help and support farmers and land managers will need during the transition. 

Nineteen organisations have been funded to provide support, free of charge, from August this year through to March 2022 and any farmer or land manager currently in receipt of Basic Payment Scheme payments is eligible to apply.

Details of the organisations involved can be found here and we would encourage our clients to make use of this opportunity to benefit from free advice, and we recommend getting in touch with the organisations involved early to avoid missing out on this phase of The Future Farming Resilience Fund.

We are expecting a third phase of support to become available from 2022 and we will share details as and when they become available, but in the meantime we of course remain on hand to support our clients, so please do get in touch with the Agricultural and Landed Estates team if you have any questions or concerns.

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