Tech Sector Report

As we move towards a digital economy, more organisations are utilising technology to improve efficiencies, streamline processes and reduce costs. The range of software applications continues to grow in 2024, and the commodification of AI is allowing SMEs to play a part in the technological revolution.

Inflation in the macro-economic environment, means it has never been more important for organisations to have real-time insight on their finances, particularly cash flow. Applications available in the tech space enhance the ability to be more proactive with cash flow management. The prominent platforms such as Float, Fathom and Futrli have grown over recent years and Outsourced | FD use these on a daily basis, to help meet our clients’ cash flow forecasting needs.

Author, Rachael Best, Outsourced|FD Advisory Executive

Integrating these applications with your accounting platform reduces the need to manually update static documents. Due dates for invoices and bills are automatically synced with your forecast, allowing you to identify pinch points weeks in advance.

The growth and development of the UK technology sector relies on the skill and diverse expertise of its workforce. With the uncertainty of the market, particularly for startups, cash flow forecasting is key for this investment.

Applications offer layered, custom-built scenarios, allowing organisations to visualise the impact surrounding hires, new office spaces, or one-off transactions.

Pair all of this with AI and organisations will be able to run a forecast which learns from its own historic trends.  

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Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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