2Pure Products ready to enter new markets with technologically advanced Coronavirus-killing cleaning product

Cleaning and odour removal product manufacturer, 2Pure Products has embarked upon a large-scale expansion programme of its technologically advanced commercial cleaning products, specifically its Coronavirus-killing ‘OdorBac’, to support its global growth strategy.

The Northumberland-based company, which was founded in 2013 by local North East entrepreneurs Barry Donaghey and James Law, was originally set up to market and sell commercial cleaning, stain removal, odour eliminating and air freshener products under licence from the patent holder.

After establishing itself in the UK market, 2Pure Products acquired the worldwide patent for the commercial cleaning product OdorBac Tec4 in 2020 and is now commencing a programme of out licensing to major EU markets and the USA in 2021.

It is now expanding its manufacturing capabilities to increase UK and international sales of its non-toxic, biodegradable OdorBac product, which will be boosted by new, independent, test results, which show that OdorBac is 99.99% effective against coronaviruses within one minute of application, against the European EN14476 standard test.

Currently with 60 people employed in the production of OdorBac, the company is planning on doubling the number in the next 12 months.

This is the latest stage of the company’s long-term growth plan, which has been supported by Newcastle-based business advisers Ryecroft Glenton (RG).

Most significantly, this included specialist advice to deliver a fundraising initiative attracting support from high net worth individuals using the Enterprise Investment Scheme, which was created by the UK Government to encourage investment into start-ups and early-stage businesses.  

RG also advised on the acquisition of the OdorBac patent and the ‘Group’ reorganisation to assist with future growth plans.   This has been assisted by the introduction of a new accounts system and outsourced payroll managed by the team at RG.   

Dr Philip Nichols, Chairman of 2Pure Products said: “What we have been able to achieve so far is a great measure of the confidence that our third-party investors have in us and our products.  We are now in a position to expand our manufacturing and out-licensing capabilities to increase the availability of our products in the UK and internationally, most notably OdorBac.

With the demand for solutions to combat the COVID pandemic, it is important for us to provide evidence that the product is effective against coronaviruses, so the European testing certification is a very important step to support our expansion into global markets.”

He added: “The support from RG has been phenomenal, and we are looking forward to achieving further growth through continued innovation and technological advancements.”

Grahame Maughan, Partner at RG said: “2Pure Products has been investing in cleaning and odour technology for more than 10 years and we are pleased to be working closely with the business as it enters this important next stage of its scale-up journey.   

“Achieving a recognised industry validation for OdorBac is an important development for the company and will create new opportunities for both UK and international markets.  It has a strong company structure in place and support from investors, which creates a perfect platform for its growth strategy.”

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